E.T.S. Ltd

Technology and diagnosis's technique

The SSR testing technology is based on the correspondence between pole’s natural frequencies and its mechanical parameters (elastic modulus, density, etc.). The using of natural frequencies measurement method particularly for utility poles diagnosis has always been difficult due to the complexity of timber’s structure and the interpretation of its acoustic signal.

The developed technology allows measuring, preprocessing, then analyzing and interpreting the poles acoustic response (signal) generated by a regular hammer or mallet regardless of the strike’s power or place. Due to a unique “know how” used in the SSR technology, the capturing, processing and interpretation of one pole’s acoustic response takes about 1-3 seconds!

By using innovative approach of signals processing and interpreting we have managed to simplify the diagnosis’s technique. Thus, the user just needs to correctly enter the pole’s parameters, and then strike the pole by a regular mallet or a hammer. After performing 1-3 strikes the assessment’s results will be shown after 1-3 seconds.